A wholesome package for wholesome celebrations.
A wholesome package for wholesome celebrations.

Celebrations are often a mix of everything. Decking up with new clothes, freshly made sweets & savouries, your friends and family dropping by at your place to convey their wishes for the festivities. There’s an atmosphere of belonging, happiness and abundance. 


Celebrations become monotonous when there’s only one thing to do repeatedly and lack variety. Imagine having to do the same thing or eat the same dish throughout the day. The very thought of it is boring. 


An ideal response to boredom is to jump to a different thing or have options to jump at a given opportune moment. Where there is variety, celebrations become more enjoyable. 


To make your celebrations colourful and have a variety, we at Great Indian Sweets have curated 3 different combo baskets to make celebrations across various sects a memorable one. These combos are popularly known as Celebration Baskets.


 Standard Celebration Basket Special Celebration Basket and Premium Celebration Basket make the perfect gift for your close friends and family. 


Standard Celebration Basket makes a perfect for the corporates as it is loaded with variety of traditional sweets and savouries such as  Tirunelveli Halwa Srivilliputhur Palkova Kumbhakonam Soan Papdi Karakudi Adhirasam Manaparai Muruku and Aruppukottai Seeval 


Special Celebration Basket is designed specially to gift your loved ones with a barrage of various traditional delicacies to make your celebratory moments special as it fits in the name. 

And finally, impress your esteemed guests and relatives with a meticulously crafted Premium Celebration Basket containing a perfect amalgamation of ALL of our traditional sweets and savouries that makes a perfect addition to the festival.

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